Product code: P03138

CarBarley® is a high GI carbohydrate powder sourced from waxy barley starch.


It has a high amylopectin content of 92%. Amylopectin is one of two components of starch, the other being amylose. It is a soluble polysaccharide produced by plants as an energy store.

  • Glycogen replenishment post activity is key to recovery, CarBarley® is specifically designed to provide both instant and long-term energy
  • Carbarley is specifically engineered to have a particular gastric emptying rate, providing energy efficiently. 

CarBarley® is a great source of sustainable energy as the glycogen stores are being replenished as they’re being used making it ideal for pre-workout products.

Following an intense workout the body is depleted of glycogen. As CarBarley® is a fast digesting carbohydrate, it may help to replenish levels of glycogen when the body needs it most.

CarBarley® is suitable for use in a variety of formulations and presentations for the sports nutrition market and is ideal for pre-work out products that target endurance athletes. CarBarley® can also be used as a post-workout product to help replenish levels of glycogen following intense exercise.

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