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IMOFibe® syrup tapioca

Product code: P11807

What is IMOFibe®?

IMOFibe® is our branded Isomalto-oligosaccharide from tapioca starch. Isomalto-oligosaccharide is the secret ingredient to many popular high protein bars on the market.

It is made up of carbohydrate chains that are resistant to digestion, therefore making it low in energy. The linkages between the glucose units are unbreakable, meaning that it passes through the colon without being metabolised; it is therefore considered high in fibre.

What forms is IMOFibe® available in?

IMOFibe® is available in both powdered and liquid form:

  • P11516 IMOFibe® powder
  • P11807 IMOFibe® syrup

The IMOFibe® syrup is a viscous syrup-like liquid, it makes a good replacement for binding ingredients like honey or golden syrup. The IMOFibe® powder is simply the spray-dried syrup. IMOFibe™ powder is soluble in water. The powder becomes sticky with binding capabilities once water has been added; adding water to the powder at approximately 78% powder to 12% water w/w would create a similar viscosity to the syrup. This can be beneficial if transferring a sticky viscous liquid can cause loss of ingredients when transferring between containers, this is also useful if you are wanting to keep water activity low.

Powder <4% moisture                                                                  Liquid ≥75 solids

How sweet is IMOFibe®?

IMOFibe® is 50-60% as sweet as sucrose. This makes it the perfect partner to high-intensity sweeteners. It can be used to replace sugar and the remaining sweetness can be contributed with a high-intensity sweetener, or you could opt for a reduced sweetness option by replacing a proportion of the sugar with IMOFibe®.

IMOFibe® is a useful ingredient in sugar reduction because it replaces some of the bulk in recipes and it also helps with the mouthfeel. It also offers a natural sweetness profile which can complement high-intensity sweeteners which can have an artificial sweetness profile when used on their own.

How much energy does IMOFibe® provide?

As IMOFibe® is resistant to digestion, it is approximately half of the energy of sucrose.

What are the benefits of IMOFibe®?


  • Natural sweetness profiles
  • Half the energy of sugar
  • 50-60% sweetness of sugar
  • Good for sugar, fat and sweetener reduction
  • Excellent binding capabilities (good for bars and balls)
  • Good bulking agent (works well in combination with high-intensity sweeteners)
  • Low glycaemic index
  • Soluble fibre
  • Prebiotic
  • Reduces the development of tooth decay by protecting tooth enamel
  • Free from 14 major allergens
  • Great mouthfeel

What could I use IMOFibe® to replace in my recipes

  • Use it to reduce the fruit content in superfood balls when these are used as a binding agent. Dates are a popular binding agent but can provide a lot of sugar.  A similar consistency of dried dates can be used with a 50% combination of powder and liquid IMOFibe®
  • IMOFibe® syrup can be used as a lower sugar, lower sweetness alternative to honey and traditional syrups. Golden syrup has a higher water content, so you may need to add a little water to your recipe. Golden syrup and honey have a sweetness index of 1.1, so IMOFibe™ is expected to be ®half as sweet. ISOMalto-oligosaccharide is found naturally in honey.
  • IMOFibe® makes an excellent alternative to liquid or powdered FOS. FOS can have varying levels of sweetness so check the sweetness level before using as a like for like replacement
  • IMOFibe® might be used to replace a proportion of sugar alcohols to reduce associated laxative effects. Maltitol has a sweetness index of 0.9 compared to IMOFibe® which is 0.5-0.6.

Usage levels for IMOFibe® will depend on the category.  Maximum levels can be found here:

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