Additives and excipients

Copper chlorophyllin (sodium copper chlorophyllin)

Product code: P03217

E 141 (ii) Copper Complexes or chlorophyllins (Sodium copper chlorophyllin)

The alkali salts of copper chlorophyllins are obtained by the addition of copper to the product obtained by the saponification of a solvent extraction of strains of edible plant material, grass, lucerne, and nettle; the saponification removes the methyl and phytol ester groups and may partially cleave the cyclopentenyl ring. After addition of copper to the purified chlorophyllins, the acid groups are neutralised to form the salts of potassium and/or sodium.

Sodium chlorophyllin is a semi-synthetic derivative of chlorophyll, derived through the process of alkaline hydrolysis where the magnesium atom is replaced with sodium and copper. This makes it into a stablised chlorophyll. Chlorophyllins are water soluble and produce a dark green colour, although their colour can range from blue-green to lime green shades.

If you are looking for a green coloured powder that is not an additive, we would suggest spirulina or chlorella (these are categorised under plant powders).

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