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Calcium caseinate

Product code: P0303

Calcium Caseinate is a milk protein manufactured by acid preparation of casein from fresh skimmed milk. The casein is converted into its calcium salt by the addition of calcium hydroxide and the resulting product is milled and dried. This product contains >88% Protein and 1.2% Calcium.
Uses in food supplements 
Calcium caseinate is particularly rich in the amino acid glutamine. Casein is digested much more slowly than whey protein; it is therefore used in sports supplements that are designed to be consumed before bed, in order to provide a more sustained release of amino acids. Calcium caseinate is much more soluble than micellar casein and does not clot in the stomach.
Uses in the food industry  
Calcium caseinate is used in the food industry as a stabiliser. It may be used as a replacement for sodium caseinate, in order to increase calcium and/or lower sodium.
Calcium caseinate has film-forming properties; it might be seen used in coffee whiteners, desserts and whipped toppings; these same properties mean that it might also be used in the production of sausage skins.
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