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3,3’-Di indolyl methane

Product code: P04046

Di indolyl methane, or DIM,is a dietary indole found in cruciferous vegetable plants, such ascabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, rutabaga, and turnip. The plant enzymes produce DIM form 'precursors', called glucosinolates.

The connection between DIM and hormones like oestrogen has to do with similar characteristics between them at the molecular level. DIM is not an oestrogen or a hormone, but like oestrogen it shares the common characteristic of being poorly soluble in water. Like estrogen, DIM can be metabolised only by a special class of cytochrome enzymes that reside in cell membranes in the non-water part of cells. DIM, when consumed in food or in absorbable formulations, encourages its own metabolism. This special metabolic pathway for DIM, and the enzymes involved, precisely overlap with the pathway needed for healthy oestrogen metabolism.

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